"Froyo Dotties" - Frozen Yogurt Drops

1. Choose yogurt.

We used Greek yogurt. Because it’s really thick and doesn’t taste very good by itself, some adjustments were made. We used cranberry juice to thin it out and then added jam and honey for sweetening and flavoring. (I always use jam/jelly with plain Greek yogurt becuase it’s pretty much what they use for “Fruit on the Bottom” type yogurts!) 

2. Put into plastic bag, cut a small opening in the corner.

We cut the hole too big so it came out really fast; be careful about that. This is like what you do for cake icing.

3. Make drops

You can use any flat surface. We used a baking pan with freezer paper covering it.

4. Freeze

We left the house so I’m not sure how long it took to freeze but it shouldn’t take too long.

5. Enjoy!

They pop off the sheet easily. Be careful, they come out hard! They could be sweeter but that’s easy to fix (and normal people would use pre-flavored yogurt haha). It’s delicious and nutritious! 

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